Cannot Add/Save Comment for Tickets 'Please type some comment'

Since this morning, I have not been able to add comments/reply to tickets. The error I receive says 'Please type some comment' although there are already comments in the reply box. What's further odd is that it works just fine for other colleagues and when another colleague and I tried a shared admin account, it worked for them but still the same issue for me.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hello! Please check whether the issue persists in incognito mode of browser. If it does not, then clearing cache should help. If it does, then open developer tools in incognito mode (F12), switch to the ‘Network’ tab and reproduce the issue. Then export a HAR file:

Switch to the ‘Console’ tab, open the context menu of any record and save the logs:

Share the collected data and the screenshot of the error you see. You can raise a support ticket contacting (refer to this topic please) or send the files in a private message to me.

If the issue persists, could you also export your edit form for tickets and share the file in a private message? To do that, you need to open it in Plumsail Forms 3 (see this instruction).

Hi, I am having the same issue since this morning. I am raising a ticket to support with the logs you are requesting.

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We found out that the issue occurs for HelpDesk of version 2.1.22 or earlier. Updating to the latest version should solve it (at least we can't reproduce it on the newer versions). Before updating, please read update notes carefully. Anyway, we continue to research what exactly happened and if the update is not an option for some users, we will try to provide another solution.

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I confirm that after updating and emptying my cache, I can post new comments.


Thanks all - After updating the Helpdesk, all looks to be working well.

We had this issue over the past few days , Updated the helpdesk solution to the latest version but problem still persisted. Removed the plumsail solution from the app catalog and added back on latest version. It started working for all users.
However today the problem came back for 2 users. I exported the edit form, reset the edit form to default, then imported the edit form. It's now working again after these steps and flushing browser cache.
If it does again. I will open a ticket and provide the HAR file along with the form.

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