Change list item permissions: Removeall, then unable to grant back permissions

I have a flow where I'm attempting to use the RemoveAll option to remove all permissions from a list item, then the next action is to grant permissions to specific groups.

RemoveAll works, but then the next item shows a 400 error 'item does not exist'. I suspect the flow has lost permissions to the item. Is this expected, or is there a workaround? Both the plumsail user and the sharepoint user associated with the flow are in the site's 'owners' group.

Hello! The action removes permissions for all users with no exceptions. If it uses the API key created with a user's credentials, then it has no permissions to perform any further actions on the item. I would advise you to generate a new API key with admin permissions, i.e. the application itself will have permissions instead of using ones of a user. Then edit the connector you use in Power Automate, enter the new key and save it.