Change SharePoint permissions on folder?

Can the Change SharePoint permissions action be used with Flow to change folder permissions?

SP REST API has related, but its a pain to implement:
https://{site Url}/_api/web/GetFolderByServerRelativeUrl(‘Lists/{DocLibName }/{folder url}’)/ListItemAllFields/roleassignments/addroleassignment(principalid={User or group id},roleDefId={Role definition id})

Hello @bdc604,

Yes, you can change folder permissions because essentially it's an item.
Just specify it's ID in your flow:

To get folder's ID you should click properties link on the folder:

Then in your browser's address bar, you can find its ID:

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Hello @bdc604,

Here is there flow to get Folders from your Library and their IDs dinamically:


Hi @Oleg_Tsurkan, is there a way we can dynamically capture the ID of individual folders. this looks to take all subfolder, apply to each and set permissions. If we want to be granular at this level, how can I target a specific folder?

Hi, @ggodwin87.

Here's an example how to dynamically capture the ID of individual folder:

Best regards, Kirill Shaklein