Convert DOCX to PDF Exception


Hi Team,

While running my flow using plumsail action-Convert DOCX to PDF, I’m facing below exception.

Please help me to fix this issue

Error Message:
“error”: {
“code”: “Exception”,
“message”: “Binary URP bridge already disposed”




Hello @keerthi09, thank you for your message.

Sorry for the inconvenience, we’ve restarted the servers and now it should be working as usual.


Hi Team.

I am also getting the exact same error this morning. Yesterday the action worked just fine.

Please assist.


Hello @Tumi-tumz,

Please tell us what action you are using.


Hi @Oleg_Tsurkan Using the Convert DOCX to PDF action. Please see below screenshot.


Error Message:


I am receiving the same error. Can you please help resolve this error. I depend on this document conversion multiple times a day and it failed 6 times for me with this error today.


Hello @Tumi-tumz. @ppreuss,

We are sorry for the inconveniences, please try to use this action again.
It should be working fine. Please let me know if it isn’t.


Hi @Oleg_Tsurkan

Service back to normal.


Hi Oleg,

i’m worried how often the service will be down,we will be in trouble if this happens frequently.




We understand your concerns and we are working to improve our infrastructure to avoid this is future.


Hi guys, just had a recurrence of this error in my flows. Can you check and restart the server? Thanks


Hi @Oleg_Tsurkan

The problem is back again. Please assist.


@abolam @Tumi-tumz Please let me apologize for the incident. Everything is working now.


Hi, the service is back up, but my PDF’s are no longer rendering the same as the DOCX file - I’m seeing white space gaps that are not on the original DOCX - this is the DOCX:

However the PDF is rendering like this:

Please can you advise? Previously the PDF was rendering identically

Thanks, Andy


Hello @abolam,

Could you please send me you DOCX file? You can send it to me via PM.


Hi Oleg, I have sent this via email.


Hello @abolam,

Please create a ticket on this page and attach your DOCX template there.


Hi All

I’m suddenly getting the same error but it worked this morning. No changes to the flow. Please help!


Sorry for the issue, it works now. Our engineers are trying to fix the core of the issue to prevent this in future.