Convert DOCX to PDF Exception


Thanks for this feedback Roman. Also, I can confirm that it is up and running again. Cheers


Hi @Roman

This issue has become more of a norm. Can we please have a permanent fix on this. The business impact is high.


Why is generating PDF in FREE Tier so slow? 2 minutes? Wow!


@Oleg_Tsurkan the convert DOCX to PDF is incredibly slow and some flows failing on that step. Really need help, guys.


Hello @animion and @Tumi-tumz, sorry for the delay.

Does the issue still occur? If so, please send me your DOCX file via PM.


Hi guys

this issue is back. worked fine this morning but now its just hanging. I am presenting this solution to a big team in an hour so need this to work asap.


Also seeing huge slowdown and timeouts on this connector this afternoon.

We are up against a deadline to get a customer-facing flow operational so really need a fix on this issue ASAP please.



We are sorry for the inconveniences and understand your concerns.
This is a temporary issue which is occurring because of a large queue.
We are working on improving our infrastructure so you wouldn’t experience it again.


@Oleg_Tsurkan this is a fantastic connector and it has amazing potential to solve major issues and significantly improve turn around times to customers. Please put some priority on having it always working or when it goes down to repair it really quickly. Thanks for your response.


Hi @KeldonM,

Thank you for your feedback. It is our priority right now. We already prepared the release to improve this and more improvements are coming.



Hi, seems these issues with the DOCx to PDF action are a constant, we have been reporting this issues since July and now that I look at the discussion group seems is wide spread and not a temporary issue. I agree PlumSail actions fills an important gap in the integration space and are really useful but the constant stability problems are killing both the product and trust on the availability to deliver a reliable service.

We just reported today the same issue slowdown, timeouts and errors.

Here is some of the recent failed transactions, please take a look a the processing time of a 36minutes action before failure, this is just unacceptable:

Hope we can see a reliability improvement soon.



Totally unacceptable!
This is in the production environment!

Are you updating the servers?

I’ve been using the DOCX to PDF converter for some time now and its been working perfectly until now.
It says suddenly says, “The document could not be opened. Please check if it is corrupted”.
It’s not corrupted!!

The plumsail connector works fine, but the problem occurs when converting the file.


Also experiencing this issue here in the UK so it appears to be widespread. Hope a fix is applied soon…


Hello everyone.
Please accept our apologies for the incident. The issue was fixed yesterday and now all should work as expected. Currently, we’re investigating the root cause of the issue and I’ll post an update later today.


Hello everyone,

We investigated the issue and here are the steps we are going to implement to improve the situation:

  • Improve monitoring of actions execution
  • Introduce additional fallback techniques and servers to back stability up

We are going to complete the first steps in this process next week. Future two weeks we will be working on it.

Best regards,
Petr Bushuev
Plumsail Team


I’m currently experiencing the same thing as ErikLM. Exporting the Flow and importing it in a new version fixes my issue with the “Convert DOCX to PDF” action temporarily. This particular flow runs on recurrence once a week. I’ve been having to delete actions/duplicate the flow every week to keep this running because of this corruption error. Very bizarre, but looks like Plumsail is working on fixing it.


Hello @webuildwood

Please accept my apologies for the situation. The issue happened during updating our systems. Now we have 2 systems and if one system has some issues the second one takes over the tasks.

We are working on improving the service’s stability. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Best regards,
Petr Bushuev
Plumsail Team


My flow recently started failing on the docx to pdf conversion step when trying to convert a .doc file. This has been working for some time but recently started failing with the error “incorrect file type”. Are .doc files not supported by the .docx to pdf converter anymore? This used to work fine.

Thank you,



Hello @ppreuss,

Thanks for the question. Converting .doc is supported but there was an issue on our side. It should be fixed now. Please give it a try and let us know if there are any errors.

Best regards,
Petr Bushuev
Plumsail Team