Copy all HelpDesk data to a new SharePoint Online site

We are using Plumsail HelpDesk for over a year now and we are very satisfied with it. Since the change to modern listforms it became clear that our installation on a communicationsite was problematic.
We now have installed a new instance of HelpDesk on a newly created teamsite.

What is the best way to copy all contents of the old HelpDesk installation to the new one? Can we get help with this or can Plumsail do this for us? (Paid offcourse.)

Kind regards,
Jack Vogelaar

Hello Jack!

I need to consult on the issue with developers - will keep you in touch with results I get.

Jack, could you clarify what issues you encountered with using the latest HelpDesk version on a communication site? It's not obvious why you couldn't continue working with your current HelpDesk instance.

Regarding copying of content, you could use ShareGate for this purpose. But we will have to correct some records in our DB and redeploy some modules. It will require paid support.

Hello Evgeniy,

As i understand our installation on a communication site was missing the left navigation bar (and perhaps the top navigation bar). This navigation was not needed with the classic forms which had the buttons to navigate. As we understand this was due to being a Sharepoint communication site in stead of a Team site.

We are currently using this the installation on the communication site with the forms set to classic (in Settings the checkbox "Use Modern UI" in not checked). The classic style navigation is no problem for us, but the installation is not as responsive as it use to and sometimes it gives errors or does not save a comment.

Therfor we want to start with a new installation on a newly created Team site. But we want to keep al our existing data and functionality.
We also have the Asset list in our installation which has been build an installed by LocaTech. This is also in our new installation allready made by them.
They can help us with the migration offcourse but we wanted to know if there is a easier way to migrate with keeping all functionality and also because the method of saving each list as a template is not completely possibly at this moment because Microsoft decreased the limit of content items that can be saved as a template (due to Covid19). So that method does not migrate all our content.
We are currently investigating the ShareGate option as you suggested.

Thanks for clarifying the issue, Jack. Please notify us if you decide to migrate using ShareGate.