Could “Actions” be used to do this?

Could “Actions” be used to do this?

Access one or more 0365 exchange accounts and copy to a Sharepoint document library each email in a specified outlook folder and “categorize” the email in Outlook as “transferred” to SP so that does not get copied more than once.

For each email that is copied, a pointer record to the email is created in a related list for the person it came FROM or for each of the people it was sent to. A tool such as OnePlaceMail do a decent job of creating the email document in SP and group emails FROM a person but it makes no attempt to parse the list of people to whom an email was sent.

They key column is the email address.

This would be an action that could be scheduled or run manually.

Hello @Ken, thank you for your message.

We don't have actions to work with Outlook because there are standard actions from Microsoft.

If I understand your case correctly, you want to get emails from your Outlook, write their data to a SP list and then somehow "mark" them so they don't get proceed again.

Your flow, in this case, might look like this:

In this flow, we are getting unread emails from Inbox folder, then we are going through these emails and we are creating an item for each email that we received from the previous action, containing its data like Subject, To and From.

After that, we are moving each email to Transferred folder in Outlook so this email won't get proceed again.

Please let me know if it doesn't work for your case.


Thank you for your reply! This points me in a helpful direction. I’ll probably be subscribing to “Actions” soon, anyway, because I need the merge, docx -> pdf functionality.