Create closed status of Referred


Hi there,

We’re currently using “Solved” as our ticket status for closing tickets, but we also need to be able to closed tickets as “Referred” when we close a ticket because the client has been referred to the correct department (Clients are not happy with “Solved” when their issue has not been).

We have been able to add the Ticket status. We have copied the same email trigger as Solved. We have adjusted the List view so that Referred is also hidden.

However, the My Tickets block above the list still lists the number of tickets that includes Referred, when it should not be counting those anymore.

Is there something else we need to modify to make a duplicate of “Solved” for Referred tickets?



Hello Matthew,

Thank you for your question.

To hide the tickets with the new “Referred” status you need go to the View settings:

And adjust the “Filter” rules adding a new one as shown in the screenshot below:

Best regards
Anna Dorokhova
Plumsail team​


Hi Anna,

Thanks for letting me know that. I’ve been able to sort that out, so the list does not display Referred.

However, they still show on my stats at the top of the list.

Please see screenshot. I have 29 open tickets, but the block at the top says I have 30.

Do you know where that block gets it’s stats from?


Hello Matthew,

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to customize the buttons itself.

It’s probable, that this functionality will be included in one of our future releases for free.

If you are interested to have it earlier, our paid support may implement this feature for you. Please, find more information about it here.

Best regards,
Anna Dorokhova
Plumsail Team


I would also like this feature. Created a new status to close tickets without sending an email, but because they are still assigned to me I get an inaccurate display of active tickets.


Hello @Daro91, we really appreciate your feedback. If we receive more requests for this feature, we will include it into our roadmap.