Create modern team site no group


with the current ‘Create Modern SharePoint Site’ action,
for the Site Type I can select TeamSite or CommunicationSite or enter a custom value.
(However there is no doco on the custom value options)

When I select TeamSite it will create a modern team site with a group connected.
This is site template GROUP#0
When I create a site collection through the new sharepoint online admin interface I can create a team site with no group (through the other options selection).
This creates a site collection with web template STS#3.

I am building a solution based on a list item that a team site - site collection is created
(Similar to your projects list example in the doco)

It would be great to create modern sites using the STS#3 team site with no group template.
Could this be added as an option or let me know how I can use the custom value to access this now?


Hi @gavinadams,

Thank you for the feedback. This is a good idea. We added it to our backlog. I can’t provide any due dates yet.

If you this functionality is urgent for you, please drop a message to [email protected]. Our paid support can implement this feature for you faster.


Thanks Anton for taking this idea ‘on board’.
would be great to see this soon.

I’ll discuss with my client the urgency of the support option.



Hi Anton,
any further updates on this one for backlog dev timeframe?



Hello, @gavinadams

For now, we have finished the development of the feature and are going to release it which can take several weeks. You will see it as a new item in the "Site Type" selector: "Team Site Without Group." If you want to start using it earlier, create a custom connector.


Fantastic thanks for that.