Create Tasks in newly created Sharepoint Site

I am using microsoft forms to collect information on new projects. When a new form is submitted, I use Plumsail Actions to create a new sharepoint site from a template in Microsoft Flow. In this way, a new sharepoint site is created for each new project that a user enters.

I need to create certain default tasks based on the input received from the forms (e.g., new task due 2 weeks before due date included in the submitted form). I am trying to add the tasks as entries in a task list in the newly created sharepoint site. But, I am not able to do so, because Microsoft Flow cannot evaluate the lists contained in the newly created sharepoint site (because the site has not yet been created when I am designing the Microsoft Flow). I have tried different Plumsail actions (for example, “Add Content Type to SharePoint List”, etc.), but I haven’t been able to get anything to work.

Is it possible to create new tasks on a newly created sharepoint site from within microsoft flow using plumsail actions?


Hello @Granite,

Thanks for your question.

You can create a temporary SP site and add all these tasks there. Once you need to create a real site you can create it from the template and copy the document set from the temporary site. For example, you can use Plumsail Copy SharePoint Document Set action.

To detect the moment to copy the document set you can use SharePoint trigger named “When an item is created”.

Best regards,
Petr Bushuev