Create ticket ONLY IF support mailbox is in 'To:' field?

We have a functional area whose support email address is sometimes CC'd on correspondence for visibility. Is there any customization for Plumsail to ignore these and NOT create a ticket unless the support email address is included in the 'To:' field?

Essentially, if that support email address is CC'd, the system should NOT create a ticket so that it does not become overwhelming for that group.

Hello Mess! If you forward the messages to HelpDesk and your e-mail service allows that, you can set a forwarding rule. For example, in Outlook you can check the "To" field and then perform further actions:

If your mail service does not allow that but has a connector for Power Automate, you can do the same in a flow.

Thanks so much! Can't believe I overlooked just performing BEFORE it makes it to the plumsail mail handler. Will input this and begin testing

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