Creating Trigger for Status change


Please how can I create triggers for tickets status to show the following.

  1. Replies from a customer to automatically update the STATUS to be REPLY From Customer

  2. When a New ticket is created, to automatically be given a default Status of NEW currently it is not assigned to any Status.



Hello, @Ndy

Could describe what you wish in a bit more details?

  1. Now, when a requester replies, the status is changed to "In progress" automatically. Do you want to check whether the requester has an "End-User" role and change the status from "In progress" to "Reply from customer" after adding another comment from the requester?

  2. Do you mean that a newly created ticket should have undefined (empty) status?


  1. when a ticket is created by an end-user or customer, to show as 'New' on the status, because is not currently doing that.

  2. we want when a customer or end-user reply to a ticket, it will update the status to 'Reply from Customer'.

hope this helps.



  1. It's very strange. Please provide me with screenshots of a "Ticket Statuses" list (all items values in "Name" and "Internal Name" columns should be visible) and a newly created ticket to see its current status and the whole history of changes (a tab inside ticket).

  2. Please follow these steps:

  • Create a custom status on the "Ticket Statuses" list (you can find in "Site contents").

  • Create a trigger on a "Comment has been created event."

  • Set a condition. The comment should not be initial ([Comment.IsInitial] equals to false) and its author should have got the "End-User" role ([Comment.From.Role] equals to 'End-User'). Comments are stored on a "Comment" list. The "From" field of which has a lookup data type and refers to a "Contacts" list which has the "Role" field. And to that field, the [Comment.From.Role] refers.

  • Set an action "Set field." Choose the "Status" field and set its value to the name of the newly created status or its ID.