Creating Triggers based on an Email Alias Address

Assuming the mailbox being monitored by the HelpDesk app has multiple alias addresses assigned to it, is it possible to determine which alias was used to that trigger actions may be created based on the email alias?

Hello! HelpDesk shows the e-mail address from which the ticket was created in the 'HelpDesk mailbox' column of the 'Tickets' list. Thus, check the column in the trigger conditions to perform the accordant action.

This is the default email address of the mailbox. Additional aliases are not available here. The initial recipient would be stored in the email header and translated by Exchange into the mailbox address.

Could you clarify what do you mean by aliases so that I can check it? I thought that it is several SMTP addresses for the same mailbox. In this case, HelpDesk can see from what address the message is received though I have only one bound in settings.