Dotted line with reports


Hi, I recently noticed that our dotted line reports do not have the option to show their own direct reports. Is there a setting or script to enable this?


Hi @cbenson,

It is by design. Subordinates are displayed only under solid line employees. However, you can drill down to the dotted line employee. Please find more details in this reply.


Thanks Anton, I think our problem is the dotted line reportee isn’t showing the root link because the solid line manager they report to is not connected to the org chart.


Hi @cbenson,

Drill down option will work for you anyway. Even if the employee doesn’t have solid manager, Org Chart will display the employee as root and show subordinates.


Hmm… That doesn’t seem to be the case for us, but it’s been a while since we’ve updated. I’ll try running the update and see if that helps.