Duplicate tickets

Beginning this morning, I am getting duplicate tickets in all of my plumsail instances, emails are being received every few minutes. Is anyone else having this issue? I have submitted a ticket, but support hours are not open, and now Im stuck.

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I’m having this same issue. Just started about an hour ago for one ticket.

Thank you so much for replying!!!

Hey Plumsail, we need help !!!:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

We first saw it seven hours ago. I’ve sent Plumsail what we are seeing in mail flow. New tickets appear to be duplicating every 10-25 minutes.

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All new tickets are duplicating. I’ve had to turn off notifications now to all users so they don’t get pounded with duplicate emails for every new ticket. I’ve also disabled the forward from our help desk email until it gets resolved.

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Hi everyone.

We are aware of this issue. We are working on the fix right now.

I will keep you posted.

Any update on this issue?

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Hi @turtlgal,

The issue with frequent duplication of tickets has been resolved, but you can still see duplicates sometime. We will publish a fix for this in two hours.

Hello everyone,

We apologize for any inconvenience that the issue caused.

Here is the summary on the issue and on the fix.

The issue occurred because of pick load on our email processing services. Processing of email messages sent to the email processing services took more time than usual and sending SMTP servers considered messages as undelivered. According to SMTP algorithms they tried to deliver messages again. As result, you saw duplicated tickets and comments in tickets.

  • On March 29 at 9 PM UTC we have released the temporary fix for the issue.
  • On March 30 at 10 AM UTC we have released the permanent fix to prevent this issue from happening again.

Thank you all of you for your patience and your help with resolving the issue.

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