Email replies are opening new tickets


I am trying to figure out this problem that I am having with Plumsail HelpDesk setup.

All email replies to notifications are opening a brand new ticket with slightly different title, not adding the comments to the existing tickets.


This behavior is really frustrating. It seems to happen no matter what the subject line to the email is, whether “Re:” is removed from the subject line, etc. At one time, this worked properly - I see email replies in older tickets. Is there a subject line format we have to use in order to have this work properly?


Updating to say that I resolved this issue through trial and error. What fixed it was ensuring that the subject line contained the Ticket ID, in exactly this format: [#{{Ticket.ID}}]. Sharing this in case anyone else runs into similar issue in future.


Hello, @jenniferw.

It is great that you have enough patience to use trial and error method. :wink: After creating a ticket, HelpDesk engine creates unique subjects by appending tickets IDs to original subjects of messages and then notifying a requester about creating a ticket (receiving a request). If the requester needs to follow-up his original message then it is necessary to answer to notification that contains the ticket ID in its subject. Appending tickets IDs to notification subjects is provided by a default HelpDesk trigger ‘Notification: Requester - New ticket’.