Email Settings Error


we are getting the following error:

We noticed that something is wrong with sending emails. Please check Outlook mailbox settings. The last detected error: There is not enouth permissions to receive emails from [email protected] via GraphAPI. Try to grant access for this mailbox again.

The mailbox was added directly with username and password. According to Entra, all permissions are given to the mailbox.

Also tried removing and adding the mailbox again - with no change.

The needed GraphAPI Permission are given according to the provided info (also, admin consent has been given)

Audit Log shows Update StsRefreshTokenValidFrom Timestamp for all involved mailboxes (it seems our service provider as run a scipt as also ALL azure accounts have this entry)

Any info on how to get this fixed?

Best Regards

Hello Patrick, I turned to developers to help with this case and will keep you posted about further results.

Patrick, developers said that they found the related errors in our logs but after 3 p.m. (UTC) when you re-connected the mailbox, they were gone and now the system seems to work fine. Please let me know whether the issue actually persists for the moment.

Hi Evgeniy,

it turns out our service provider reset all connections to AzureAD (Activity Type
Update StsRefreshTokenValidFrom Timestamp) (This also effected other Azure applications :frowning:

I was able to reconnect by trying to deploy a new instance of plumsail helpdesk

I can also confirm - the mailbox integration is working again and will connect the other instances shortly

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