Emails create a new thread on every reply

Every time an email is sent regarding a ticket, it creates a new email thread for the Requester.
This results in multiple separate threads, which has been confusing and inconvenient for our clients.

Is there a way to make all emails for each ticket appear in one consolidated thread instead?

Hello Raymond! This is how HelpDesk works usually: it creates a new ticket and add all further replies to the same building one communication thread. HelpDesk defines whether the current message is a new reply to an existing ticket using:

  • ticket ID in the subject, for example [#1], which is included into the HelpDesk notifications by default;
  • message reference in the e-mail metadata.

The requester needs to reply to the notification sent by HelpDesk and then all should work properly. Instead, they may reply to other e-mail messages they received and/or delete the ticket ID from the subject.

I’ve tested this, on the customer/requesters end (in their email inbox) every email regarding a ticket creates a new thread.- despite the subject being the same. This makes viewing a ticket in their inbox as a thread extremely difficult. I'm using the default email templates.

Here's a screenshot of email inbox in Conversation/Thread view, showing how each email on a ticket comes in as a new Conversation/Thread in email inbox.

I am sorry, I misunderstood the issue: I thought that each requester's reply creates a new ticket on a HelpDesk site. In your case, each notification message includes all replies in one thread below the reply line so there is no need to keep chains in the mailbox.

Yes, however we have been receiving a lot of complaints that’s it’s very hard to follow tickets this way. Most helpdesk systems have emails on the same thread/chain as standard.

Is this not an option?

I will ask developers whether we can fix it.

Any word back from the developers on this?

Developers will discuss it today, and I will inform you about the result tomorrow.

Developers are working on grouping the notifications in mailbox. They should finish in a few weeks. I will notify you once it is done.

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