Emails to HelpDesk email address not processed into new tickets of comments

messages I send to the HelpDesk email address are not being processed. Neither as new tickets nor as comments when I reply to a triggered email.
It doesn't seem like anything expired.
What can I do to solve this issue?

Hello Lea! Perhaps a HelpDesk client secret expired in your tenant. Please run a HelpDesk wizard (its version should be 2.1.37) and repair the existing site or install a new one - it will renew the secret. Then check whether it helped to resolve the issue.

Hi, thank you for your response!
I am on version 2.1.37... There were some updates that I had installed yesterday and I was hoping that would help, but it doesn't seem like it

Lea, you need to run the HelpDesk wizard on your PC. If you do not have it installed, please download the latest version here. Then run the wizard, you can see its version in the header:

I ran the wizard and it still isn't working.
It is however working on other Helpdesks that are on an older version.
I am also getting a notification that my HelpDesk subscription is expired when it isn't...

Then most likely, you changed the URL of the HelpDesk site. Please provide the old and new addresses of the site through private message. We will fix our records and restore its workability.

Lea, the site you specified in the private message was marked inactive, most likely because an attempt to change its URL. We re-activated it and now HelpDesk should work. Please check and confirm.

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Hi Evgeniy, it does work now! Thank you!!!

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