Error being thrown on main ticket screen

Hi when tryinig to look at tickets in helpdesk we are getting the following error for all instances of plumsail we are running.
"Something went wrong" Attempting to use an object that has ceased to exist.

this is affecting all instances of our ticketing systems unfortunately on various different Sharepoint sites.

Your help would be greatly appreciated


Further to this it appears that "unassigned" tickets can be listed but not the normal full list of "All tickets"

Hello Duncan! It seems to be an issue with SharePoint. Please create a new list view and let me know whether it works:

  • open any working list view (you mentioned Unassigned),
  • click the gear button at the top-right corner and select List settings,
  • click Create view > Standard view and create a public view,
  • check Make this the default view,
  • check the ID and Title fields for displaying,
  • ensure that sorting is disabled,
  • in the Filter section, select Show all items in this view.