Error Creating a Modern SharePoint Site


I am using Plumsail Actions, "Create Modern SharePoint Site" in Flow, and I am currently testing this but I am experiencing an error.

A few notes in advance:

  • I am using a Custom Credentials Key Type
  • The account does not have MFA

I have created the action with the following parameters

To test the connection to Plumsail, I have added a Change SharePoint Permission actions before the Create Modern SharePoint Site action, and this is working fine.

I received the below error on the Create Modern SharePoint Site action every time it is run.

"request": {
"url": null,
"traceId": "0HLR9KP***********5c4642dc"
"error": {
"code": "ApplicationResultException",
"message": "{"error":{"code":"-2147024713, Microsoft.SharePoint.SPException","message":"The group alias already exists."}}",
"date": "2019-11-15T14:46:04.5238774Z"

However it is creating the site in the sharepoint admin center.

Please can you advise?

Hello, @LeeG

Most likely, you get the error because there is an Office 365 group with the same name as you specified in field "Display Name." Modern SharePoint Team site is created with the group and when there is one with a specified name, the conflict occurs. So I would advise you trying another name that was not used earlier.

Hi Plumsail Team,

I have encountered the same bug as described above by @LeeG.

The action takes a lot (4 to 5 minutes), the Office group and SharePoint site are well created by the "Create Modern SharePoint Site" action. Unfortunately, the action terminates always in error and i can't do anything after !

Please help !

Thank you.

Laurent Revel
Office 365 Consultant