Error Something went wrong

When the members try to see the Ticket Detail they got this Error:

Something went wrong.


Hello David! Please follow these steps:

  1. Update HelpDesk to the latest version (2.1.14) and clear the browser cache. Check whether the issue persists.
  2. Delete the HelpDesk package from an app catalogue, clear its recycle bin and upload the package again. Do the same for the Plumsail Forms package. If you didn't have the one, just upload it. Clear the browser cache and check whether the issue persists.
  3. Try to restore the default forms. If you have customised ones, then open them in Plumsail Forms first and export them. That will allow rolling back to them. Clear the browser cache and check whether the issue persists.
  4. If none helped, open the HelpDesk site. Press F12 to open developer tools and switch to the "Network" tab. Reproduce the issue. Export HAR (a button with the arrow down), switch to the "Console" tab, open a context menu of any record and click on "Save as". Share the gotten files and screenshots of the issue by sending a message to [email protected]. Please refer to this topic in your message.

Hello, thanks for your response.
We have the latest version. We don't want delete the HelpDesk package because we don't know if this could delete all of our tickets?

Deletion of the package won't affect any of existing data or tickets processing. It will affect only HelpDesk interface (navigation panels, opening tickets in forms, etc.). The process will take 5-10 minutes so it is just a small inconvenience for agents.