Error with Contacts

Hi I was misses with the contacts form, and some how the field Organization, Which normally looks up to the list called Organization Now looks to a different list. I have tried restoring different versions nothing is putting it back. How did this happen/how do I turn put it back?
I have never have a SharePoint lookup change the location it was looking to after it had been created.

Hello! It is hard to say how it happened, but you can edit the lookup field and set the proper list to refer to:

THANK YOU. I guess I missed an update. That was never possible before.
So follow up, On tickets, the requestor field shows the the contacts selected Org:

I cannot seem to get that to change to a different field from the form.

I have tried editing the highlighted areas but it doesn't seem to remove it or change what I want it to pull. I tried adding Role and other fields and nothing sticks.

Hello! You need to customise the components of the field. You can use the existing ones as a pattern for adding yours: