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I've been investigating your Create Document Set action, but unless I'm missing something, its little different to the Create Folder action, and all it creates is the default out of the box Document Set. What would be really useful is to be able to select which Document Set Content Type to create, so if you've created a custom one with columns and documents in the site collection it can create one based on that. Cheers, Jon

Hello, @jon

Indeed, if you have several document set types in one library, there is no way to choose which one to create. But there is no restriction on the creation of custom document sets. For example, you have a custom document set in "Site content types":

And it has a couple of custom columns:

So you need to add in your library exactly this content type. In fact, you create a local copy of the one within the library.

So when you create a document set with the "Create SharePoint Document Set" action, you have all custom fields and its type is custom too:

Concerning the opportunity to choose the document set type to create, if our support receives more requests from users, we will implement the feature.


Would like to see/request a "Delete SharePoint List of Library" action to complement the
"Create SharePoint List or Library" action that exists.


Hello, @stormanh

I've turned to developers to clarify the question and shall follow up the answer.

Probably, the feature will be added to our roadmap, but there is no due dates anyway. Thank you for pointing out the useful feature and sharing your user experience.