Filter Lookup from another list

I'm trying to filter a field called "projects" down to only projects for a specific "Client"

so i have on the form, both look up fields from the other list and want to pick a specific "client" and only show the projects for that client.

using the filter choice I'm trying multiple combinations, but can never get the "Project" drop down to only show projects for the "client" picked in the client field.

Thanks for any help that you can provide

Hello @eweiler,

When both fields are lookup fields, you must select an ID in the filter property as follows:

If that won't work, please share the screenshot of your source lists and specify column types.

I don't get the ability to add the 2nd ID


here are the details of the 2 fields in the list


You don't have the option to select the ID in the 'Match to' property as both columns in the source list are single line text fields.

I would suggest that you create a new list that stores project records. Then add a lookup column to the Client list to retrieve information from the Project list.
That way, you can create cascading drop-down lists in this form. Find here an example of configuring source lists/