Form Submission


We use both Plumsail Forms and Plumsail Actions,

We setup a list where we assign to users limited access based on the value of a column. The setup is done via workflow on item created or item submitted. However, this only works if a list owner submits the form.

Our problem is that when the user tries to submit a form it gives access denied, possibly because the user has only limited access to the list. Is there anyway to bypass this, maybe via custom code on the submit button or anything else.

Thank you,

Hello George!

Please try to set permissions to the users so they could create/edit items on your list. If you want to prevent the editing of the items that a user didn't submit, then set item-level permissions for the list (list settings => advanced settings):

Or you can manage permissions on the item level with Plumsail Actions. Just grant proper ones to users so they could edit certain items.


Thanks for this.

I setup as per your suggestion the user to read items they create and edit items that were create by the user. As a user I can now edit the form and submit data just fine, I can see items that only me created but when I am trying to give access to other users belonging in the same SP Group, although the flow runs successfully in all steps no Edit rights are given to the rest of the users in the SP Group.

I checked that the credentials of the flow is under the site owner.

Any help will be appreciated.

The actions seem self-contradictory: you set that a user can edit only the items he created and than tries to grant permissions on the item to other users than its creator. You need to choose one of these two ways:

  1. Set that a user can edit the items created by him (if it is your case), it means that only one user will have permissions on editing of a created item. Then grant edit permissions on the list to the group. Its members will be able to create items and edit them (only ones that each user created by himself).
  2. Restore the default item-level permissions. Remove all permissions on the list for the group and then grant ones on the items you need using our action in a flow (as on your screenshot).