Formatting of PDF Export

Is there a way to control the formatting of the PDF export.

I’m noticing that since some of the text is too long in the legend, that the text overlaps each other in the PDF.

Overlapping legend sample

And sometimes for my bar charts, the text on the vertical axis bleeds into the actual bar. In the website view it looks ok. It’s only when exporting. Is there a way to stop this from happening?

Axis text going into chart sample


Dear David,
Unfortunately, couldn’t reproduce the issue, the graphs scale correctly even in PDF for me. Can you tell us which browser you are using? This might affect the outcome. It might also be influenced by your operating system, though, if it is Windows, there should be no issues.

Hi Nikita,

Sorry for the super late reply. I must have missed the notification that said you replied.

I’m using Sharepoint 2013, this is happening in both IE11 and Chrome on both Windows 7 and Windows 10.