Forwarding tickets between helpdesks with all comments & attachments

i have been following the example on how to forward a ticket from one helpdesk to another instance. How to forward a ticket from one HelpDesk instance to another — HelpDesk for Office 365, MS Teams, and SharePoint 1.x documentation .

i have this working but i am looking to get all the comments copied across with their date stamps and the attachments, is there a recommended approach to achieve this?


Hello Richard! Please check this video. It is a bit long (17 minutes) but shows creating a flow from the very beginning.

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Thanks for the link, looks good :grinning:

Hi, Is there away to strip out the private notes and add those into the private notes section in the newly created ticket?

You can embed in the shown flow this approach:

In the main branch, you got a ticket item. Then, in the comments branch, get all items from the "Comments" list that are bound with the retrieved ticket by the "TicketGuid" field. After that, use the output to check the type of the current comment and process it further as you wish.

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