Getting around the 5000 rows limit

Hi there I am attempting to create a simple Dashboard Designer bar chart which is pointed at a SharePoint Online list with more than 5000 rows (yes I have indexed all the appropriate columns). I am pulling 2 columns from the list, Category and Counter with Counter always having the value of 1. I am wondering if there is a way to concatenate the values (and get around the 5000 rows error when compiling) by looking at two filtered views of the same list which have results of less than 5000 rows each?

Apologies in advance if this has already been asked. I did search on this question before posting :slight_smile:



Follow up to 5000 error:
So I created a filtered view on a SharePoint Online list which has more than 5000 rows. The Filtered view has a few hundred items but when I point the Dashboard Designer tool at the view I am still receiving the following error?

10:13:58 ERROR - Request failed: The attempted operation is prohibited because it exceeds the list view threshold enforced by the administrator.


Any help appreciated, thanks in advance.