Group Quarterly Revenue by Year

Good afternoon,

I have a bar chart which displays quarterly revenue by year. I would like to group the years closer together for a better view of the trend data. Any ideas?

As you can see the attached, the order is displayed correctly, but its not easy to see the trending, especially as more time passes.

Many thanks!

You can adjust spacing between bars with the ‘gap’ property. Insert the code below into Dashboard -> Advanced page:

var handlers = {}; handlers.preRender = function(config, logger) { = 0.1; return true; }

Thanks Dmitri!

This was really helpful. Can I ask if there is there a way to set specific gaps between the yearly Series values?

for example:

| Q1 16 | | Q1 17 | |Q2 16| |Q2 17| | Q3 16 | | Q3 17 | etc.?

Well the spacing I typed did not transfer to the question. Basically, I need to space the Series values to group the years further apart then the quarters.

| Q1 16 | | Q1 17 | ----- |Q2 16| |Q2 17| ----- | Q3 16 | | Q3 17 |

Yes, I got you but unfortunately there is no way to set various spaces between bars of the same series. In your case, the only option is splitting data into multiple series.