Help Desk Update - Edit form - Save button missing


Last night I updated our Help Desk to the latest version. After the update, if we go into an existing ticket, it automatically loads the "Edit" form. However, the "save" button has gone missing.

We did previously use Plumsail Forms to modify the new/edit/display forms but I cannot figure out what needs to be done to get the save button back or how I can revert the forms to their default version. I tried using the "reset" option in the desktop application Plumsail Forms 2.0.6 but that just makes the new/edit forms blank.

Image of the Edit form attached.

If there's an easy way to reset the forms back to their default style, or remove our customizations entirely, that would be entirely fine as well.

Hello Andrew! Please reset the default forms either following this instruction or importing them through Plumsail Forms - I shall send you the files through private message.