Helpdesk deployed as an Teams App - White Screen

Hi there,

we deployed our Helpdesk Widget SharePoint site as an App for Microsoft Teams. We think this is a smarter way for the employees to get in touch with the Helpdesk, because they don't need to switch to a separate Team > Channel > Tab to open the Widget.

This works great, but since the new MS Teams arrived, separate users are just getting a white screen where the widget should load. I guess it's a problem inside Teams code itself but wanted to ask if someone has an idea, what we can do against it.


The 2nd Screenshot stays completle white at some users, where it worked before but doesn't work now anymore.

Clearing the Teams App cache doesn't work as a solution.

Some ideas?

Hello Markus! Could you specify how did you develop the HelpDesk app for Teams? Did you use Viva Connections?

I would advise to check whether the issue persists in the incognito mode of browser (for that, Teams should be opened through the web interface). If it does not, clearing browser cache should help. If it does, please share browser console logs and a HAR file: open developer tools (F12), switch to the ‘Network’ tab, press Ctr+R, and reproduce the issue. Then export a HAR file:

Switch to the ‘Console’ tab, open the context menu of any record and save the logs:

Share the collected data. As a temporary workaround, please try to disable the new version and open it in incognito mode again.


If changing the Teams version helps, I would advise to stick to the classic one while we are researching the issue. At any moment, the users can switch back:

Hi Evgeniy,

we normally use the installed Teams App, so it's not a web-browser-session where the error occurs.
I created the app with the developer portal (Teams app):

The App manifest is very simple and looks like this:

{"$schema":"","version":"1.0.0","manifestVersion":"1.16","id":"blacked out","packageName":"com.%TENANT%.teams.helpdesk","name":{"short":"Helpdesk","full":"Helpdesk"},"developer":{"name":"MS","websiteUrl":"blacked out":"blacked out","termsOfUseUrl":"blacked out"},"description":{"short":"Helpdesk für Anfragen an die IT","full":"Die App öffnet die Startseite des Helpdesk um es in Microsoft Team verfügbar zu machen."},"icons":{"outline":"outline.png","color":"color.png"},"accentColor":"#FFFFFF","staticTabs":[{"entityId":"2023-12-14","name":"Helpdesk","contentUrl":"","scopes":["personal"]},{"entityId":"about","scopes":["personal"]}],"validDomains":[""],"webApplicationInfo":{"id":"blacked out","resource":""},"authorization":{"permissions":{"resourceSpecific":[]}}}

Switching to the classic client worked for the colleagues i was in contact with.

We also found that redeploying the app to a team channel and opening it from there also causes the "global app" on the left of the app bar to work again. But we don't know why that could be.

Thank you for the additional information! I will ask developers whether we can help with this issue.

Markus, we are working on re-factoring the HelpDesk widget and it will work with the new version of Teams but we will finish it in two-three months. For now we advise to embed the SharePoint page to a tab as it is described in the documentation or use the classic version of Teams.

Hi Evgeniy,

thank you very much for this information. We will think about it and start with the Helpdesk as a tab maybe.
Thank you for your help.