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I have been told to design a SharePoint help-desk for Ticketing in my company. Designing a form and importing it into the SharePoint has been a bit of challenge. I have followed the instructions from Plumsail and yet I can’t seem to do it. Please, any help on how I can get this done?..

Hi @Ndy,

I am posting it here to share the instructions with other members of the community:

To edit/import a widget form you need to use Plumsail Forms.

Please, connect like this:

Loading: Image_-831234041_20.png

Then click the Import button:

Loading: Image_1747675911_20.png

Ones you save the form a Genaral button will appear:

Loading: Image_698375825_20.png

Loading: Image_1599160690_20.png

You will need to click the General button, copy the ID of the form and insert it into the widget’s settings in your HelpDesk (Settings -> Widgets -> Edit a widget).

Anna Dorokhova
Plumsail Team

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Thanks very much Anna…

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