HelpDesk: Knowledge base in SharePoint Help Desk, plus updates for ticket search and merging

Check out our upgraded SharePoint HelpDesk, now with a new knowledge base feature, better ticket search, and improved ticket merging.

Build a knowledge base in SharePoint HelpDesk

Your Help Desk has a handy new feature that makes finding answers to common questions and issues much easier for your team. Just take a look at the new knowledge base in the SharePoint Help Desk. It'll save you a lot of time!



Improved logic for ticket search

The improved search feature provides more options compared to the old version:

  • You can now search across all your helpdesks at once or choose specific ones, saving you from opening each separately.
  • Setting a date range for your search is now simple.
  • Search results are displayed in an easy-to-read format. You'll see the search term in bold, along with the ticket subject, its status, the last comment date, and all participants, such as the requester, CC, and agent.


Improved logic for ticket merging

The updated merging process now lets you:

  • Search for tickets using their title, requester, or assignee, not just the ticket ID.
  • Transfer fields from the source ticket to the target ticket.
  • Include people from the source ticket in the Cc of the target ticket.


Find more details on all new features in the blog post.