Helpdesk not working with just IP

I got the helpdesk installed to a server with ip ending in, but this internal server also has other ip's of .6,.7, and .9 running websites. (there is not much traffic internal for these sites but are needed). Sharepoint is running on the .8 ip and other sharepoint sites work OK with ip put it does seem to work better when using the server name of fp8. The helpdesk works great when I go the the url fp8/sites/helpdesk as I have modified my hosts file. I enter the EAD username and password to get to the sharepoint sites (I have several others beside the helpdesk). I do NOT have control of a DNS server to enter the cname of fp8 to equate to but the helpdesk works great if the hosts file equates fp8 to However, that would take a lot of work for 250+ users to edit their hosts file. The helpdesk will not create a new ticket when using the ip address of It goes through the process to create a ticket, but it never appears. Is there a way around this problem as I don't have access to the DNS server on our domain and I don't want 250+ users to have to modify the hosts file. Currently I don't have the ip's registering to DNS, but when I did, it would show the 4 ips when doing an nslookup and the order would always change. Thanks

Hello @jimgrif,

I believe you could try to use the FQDN to reach the server, run the following command in PowerShell to find it: