HelpDesk send notification to user with attachments

Hi, we are using HelpDesk to manage incoming invoices from vendors.
Each invoice is attached to a ticket.
When an invoice is incorrect, we need to dispute the invoice with an email to the vendor.
This can be done by adding the vendor in CC within the ticket, but we are unable to send the email with the attached invoice, or a link to it (which should be accessible by external users, btw).
Is there a way to solve this issue?

Hello Alessandro! Please check the default trigger "Notification: Requester - Public comment created", the message sent to the CC contacts should contain attachments:

If you want to attach the file that is already in the ticket, you can just select it in the dropdown when adding a comment and it will be sent in the current notification to the requester and CC contacts:

The newly uploaded attachment will be sent either and saved in the ticket. Do you encounter any issues on any of these steps?

Hi, yes I didn't notice that there is already the option to add attached files to the mail. It works just fine, thanks!

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