HelpDesk Update - Save As buttons missing

I recently updated from 2.1.x to 2.1.32 and the modern forms replaced my original customized forms. However, after restoring my previous form, the Save As Pending, Awaiting User Respond, etc., and public/private comment buttons are all missing. I've tried the instructions to restore previous versions of the .xfds but that doesn't do anything. I'm pretty sure it's because of the json file that I used in the designer.

Is there anyway I can get the default json file for the modern UI upgrade in 2.1.17 so I can start over from scratch?

I found the problem.
If you're using Plumsail Forms 3 instead of Plumsail Forms 2, the data formats are different and Plumsail Forms 3 caches your last session when you close the application.

If you need to rollback changes and you used Plumsail Forms 3, follow the instructions given (roll back SitePages->PlumSailForms -> YourForm.xfds, Version History -> Restore) but ALSO SitePages->PlumsailForms-> Filter by Files Created by you. DELETE YourFormYouMessedUp.designer.json

This *.designer.json file is the cached version of the form you just blew up and why it'll keep coming back.

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