Hide rendering error message without access


i've a List with specific user rights on each item. So every user have a personal chart view.
But some users do not have access to any item on that list and the webpart give them this error:
An Error has occured during rendering. Please, get more detail in the browser console.

Is it possible to hide this error or even hide the whole webpart when the user cannot access any items?

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Hello @xosal,

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No, there is no functionality in DashBoard designer to hide the web-part based on user permission.

You can see the related posts in Microsoft community:

thanks @mnikitina
i know that this is not possible. But some other 3rd party webparts will just display a horizontal line when no data is found. that would be ok. The error message should be hidden, otherwise the users are confused.

Which version of sharepoint are you using?

Using SharePoint Online

The solution i had in mind only works with on premise.

Have you considered granting access to the source list, and then mange permissions on a item level? That way they see the chart but on data that they would have access to.


I couldn't reproduce the error on my chart. When user has no access to the list or to list items, the chart is just blank with no errors:

You need to review your chart settings.

I've tried this with multiple List on multiple Sites. The result is always the same:

The user has access neither to the list nor to the individual elements.
There are no individual settings in the chart. a blank chart with one column.

it would be great to hide the complete chart if no data is found