(Horizontal) Bullet chart: Add more targets and give them a title


I was looking for a solution to add more than just one target to a bullet chart so you get something like this:

Any suggestions how to solve it?

Hello @airliner,

Welcome to Plumsail Community!

You can add multiple PlotBands, that have a similar effect. For example:

To add plotBands, go to Dashboard >> Advanced, and use the code below.

var handlers = {};
handlers.preRender = function(config, logger) {
  var plotbands = [
      { from: 0.2, to: 0.21, color: "red" },
    { from: 0.3, to: 0.31, color: "green" }
  config.valueAxis.plotBands = plotbands;
  logger.debug('Configuration: ', config);
  return true;

You need to specify your values in this line:
{ from: 0.2, to: 0.21, color: "red" }

Please find more information in Kendo documentation here.

Hi @mnikitina,
thank you for the warm welcome and your help. So far it looks good. I just needed the set the highest target as const for the bullet chart and adjust the values for "from" and "to" so they're visble. Otherwise it didn't work for me (no plotbands where shown).

But nevermind. Do you know if it's possible to get a title or a tooltip for the plotbands?


It is possible, but it is not that easy, For this, you will need to create a custom plotband. Please find an example here.