How to make the REQUESTER field someone other than who the email comes from?

We're trying to direct support communication away from our individual emails and instead to an email that creates a ticket in Plumsail HelpDesk. The issue I'm having is that when someone sends me an email and I forward it to our HelpDesk, it makes me the REQUESTER and I have to go update that every time. Is there a way to write a trigger or something that makes the requester a field other than the sender of the email if the trigger exists?

Hello, Lauren. Could you specify what version of HelpDesk you use: for SPO or for SP on-premises? If the former, then you could specify the wished requester's e-mail in subject of a message and process the newly created ticket with a flow in Power Automate. HelpDesk has own connector that allows manipulating with tickets. Please let me know whether it suits you or you need help with configuration of the flow.


I'm not sure which one we are using- how would I tell the difference?

We use SPO! I would like some assistance creating the flow!

  1. Create an edit API key in settings of your HelpDesk.

  1. Create an automated flow.

  1. Name it and choose a SharePoint trigger "When a new item is created."

  1. In trigger properties, select your HelpDesk site and the "Tickets" list.


  1. When forwarding messages to HelpDesk, I would advise you to enter the preferred requester's e-mail at the beginning of a message subject and to separate it from the rest of the subject with "###" (for example).


  1. Getting back to the flow, add a condition and check whether a title of the newly created ticket contains "###."


  1. If it does, split the title using Power Automate expression. As a separator, specify the "###."
    split(triggerBody()?['Title'], '###')

  1. So the output of the compose action is an array with two items: the first one is the preferred requester's e-mail and the second one is the original subject of the message.

  2. Add an "Update a ticket" action of HelpDesk connector. Use the API key you generated at the beginning to create a connection.


  1. Pass to the action an ID of the newly created ticket (it's a list item ID, not a TicketID), the first element of the composed array as a requester and the last element of the one as a subject.

Thus, the flow will check each newly created ticket and perform actions to replace requester and title if a key combination of characters is used in a subject of a forwarded message. The same combination is used as a separator.