HTML to PDF Formatting with Arrays

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This is a continuation of a recent post to the community that Evgeniy helped me with, please see details in the link provided below:

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I'm utilizing Plumsail's Document service for the "Convert HTML to PDF". Alongside a finalized spreadsheet (as mentioned in the previous post), i would like to show the end user a PDF document of the requested changes only. As an aside, the reason for this is because Approvals do not read HTML and only support markdown (which doesn't work well for my case, unless otherwise advised).

The issue I'm experiencing is the formatting of arrays within the HTML. I understand that I need to put a line break (
) to ensure that the next line item is a new line so the PDF document comes out more cleanly however, I can't seem to get it to work.

Can you please advise? Please see the supporting documents below.



Apply to each to take only the requested changes with the varLine_break associated

Ignore the 'create csv table 2' as i was testing, but i use a Select to take all the objects/arrays from HTML_array. From there i take the output of CreateHTML Table and insert it into Plumsail's Convert HTML to PDF

The result file is put into OneDrive, and then retreieved to push into an approval email as an attachment.

As you can see, the final output of the PDF is shown without line breaks and is hard for the user to clearly map them had they been each on a new line

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If you have a moment, could you please consider assisting me on this issue?

If it's not possible, an alternative might be to output a PDF in the format where each element in the array ("FC", "O&M Resp", "O&M<$10k" and "Cap>$10k" is shown in each row PER component#. However I'm not sure how i would format the flow to perform something similar to the output below from HTML to PDF:

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Hello @atosi

Could you provide an example of your source HTML (which you put into Convert action) and what code is used now to make the line breaks?

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Thank you for your response!

The source HTML is copied right from the "Select (Comp#)". Inside this array are embedded arrays for both "Existing Responsibility" and "Requested Changes". Please see below:


The Line Break is a variable I created manually by doing a return in the image below:

It's unfortunate that I don't get this same formatting because I can see it working with the success of this HTML output. You can see that the "Line Break" variable (\n) working in the output:

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Hi @Petr,

I've figured it out!



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