Import of standard HelpDesk widget Form doesn't work

today I performed update of my HelpDesk Solution form JetBoat to Yacht so I'd like to use customized Widget to creat new ticket.

I'm following the procedure described here:
Anyway in the step whre I have to import the standard widget, the import failed with error "Unable to import the form: invalid file format".

I'm using FORM on line : Plumsail Account

can you support me on this issue?

Hello! In the web designer, please import the attached files.
Comment form.json (2.5 KB) Ticket form.json (3.0 KB)

Hi Evgeniy,
thanks for your feedback, I imported the file without problem.
When I used the desktop applciation I also selected the sharepoint site where it can find the form to be moidifed; now instead, working on line seems the I work from scratch; how can I link all variables in the form to my specific HelpDesk installation?
thanks in advance

The desktop application that connects to a SharePoint site can be used for modification of ticket and contact forms, it is SharePoint list forms. To customize the widget forms, you need to use public forms. The public forms can be created either in a Plumsail account or in a separate application. You can download one by this link.

When creating a public form for the widget, you need to pay attention to the names of the fields: they should correspond internal names of columns in the "Tickets" list on the HelpDesk site. The following field names are required to persist in a ticket widget form:

  • Title for a ticket subject,
  • Body for an initial comment,
  • Attachments for attachments.

You can add others for your custom fields. For example, if you have a column "Supervisor" in the "Tickets" list, you can add to the widget form a field named "Supervisor". You can find more details in this article.