Is it possible to have sub-categories

Is it possible to have sub-categories of tickets?

E.g. Account Management
- Active Directory
- Other Accounts

It is no problem having one field for the “main category” and then another field for the sub-categories (preferably showing only those valid when you have selected “main category”.

Is it possible to configure something like this in Plumsail Helpdesk? And if so: Please give me an idea on how to proceed. :slight_smile:


Hi Noralf

I did this by adding a choice column to the tickets list, and used form designer to add the drop down to the ticket form(s).


Thank you for your feedback Mark. But did you manage to implement some kind of a two-level category then? I mean, first select main category e.g. Account Management, and then only have sub-categories under Account Management available for selection under sub-categories? :slight_smile:


Hi Noralf

I think you are talking about a cascading lookup, where the sub categories available depend on the category selected?

Out of the box SharePoint lists can’t do this as far as I know. I have used Kwizcom’s “Cascading Lookapp” in O365 SharePoint to do that in other lists but never tried it in the helpdesk. It should work because the relationship isn’t coded on the list form (as far as I can tell), but I haven’t tried it.

I could give it a test if you’re interested.

I am not associated with Kwizcom, I just like the app.

I’m not sure any of the spservies / jquery / javascript solutions that are out there will help because the Plumsail forms may not allow you to add the code like you can on a standard SharePoint form page.

Hopefully a Plumsail rep can advise?


Yes, you are right Mark, that’s the right term I guess. :slight_smile: I’ll have a look at the Kwizcom app, thanks a lot again. :slight_smile:

Hello @NoralfG, thank you for your message.

I think what you are trying to achieve is explained in this topic.

Please let me know if it isn’t.

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Yes, looks familiar. :slight_smile: Thank you. I will look at both options: KwizCom and yours. :wink: