Issues upgrading using app package

Hi Guys, I am having issues upgrading our instances, first example is on the last version but I am getting this error,

And our other instances are a few versions behind but I am unable to use tenant admin account and will not upgrade using app package

Hello Mick! I informed developers about the first issue. Regarding the second, could you clarify what do you mean by that you are unable to use the tenant admin credentials? You used them but they did not work or you do not have such an opportunity? If the second, why you won't use the option with uploading the app into your app catalogue?

Hi thanks, I for 2nd issue i dint not use global admin, i uploaded app package but this still don't work,

Also now since attempting to upgrade I now get this when trying to reply to ticket,

Mick, please send me a private message in the community with the list of all your instances you want to update. We will force the process.

Mick, to upgrade HelpDesk without global admin credentials, please ensure that you followed this instruction. I have just tested it and updated my instance successfully. Once you uploaded the package, you need to hit the "Upgrade" button one more time - that will start the process.

HI, Ive done this and get the below error regarding knowledgebase

I now have global admin and this does not work either, it says package found enter tenant admin which i do but it just goes around in a circle asking for credentials again, I have also disabled MFA as a precaution on my admin account to no avail,

I have HD tickets mounting up and need a resolution ASAP please,

Mick, please share the list of your sites. The developers will force the update process for them so you will be able to finish it independently of the KB issue.

I mean the list of URLs.

I will DM you as I dont them to be public

I passed the URLs to the developers. They will update your instances from our side.

We re-started update procedure for your instances. Please check fow it works now and let us know.

HI Ivan, Im still unable to upgrade although i have global admin rights,

We noticed that upgrade failed because 'The Modern Settings' web part was not found. Please try the following:

  1. remove the HelpDesk app from app catalog
  2. empty App catalog recycle bin <-(important)
  3. upload spfx again manually using this instruction

Update: after a remote session, HelpDesks were successfully updated, developers detected a bug and prepared a fix for it. Soon, we will publish it.