Item Level and Folder Permissions

Hey Guys, looking to kick off a flow that updates item level permissions to a SP list item, as well as modifying permissions on a specific folder. I’m hoping to pick up a “Business Delegate” which is currently a people picker field, and apply these people to the item/folder permissions.

So far i have not even been able to add the item level permission when retracing the steps in this example:

any assistance would be great.

Hello @ggodwin87, thank you for your message.

As I can understand, you want to use our Actions product to set item level permissions, is that right?

Please let me know what issues you are having.

Hi @Oleg_Tsurkan, that is correct. i want to set item level permissions on a list - but i’m also hoping to set folder level permissions. i have tried the example on your website and it just times out.

Hello @ggodwin87,

Thank you for the information.

Could you please tell me the steps to recreate the issue? Screenshots of your flow and the error would be great, you can send them to me via PM.

If you are using “When an item is created” trigger, the problem might be that the flow waits for a new item to be created and then hangs out.

Hi @Oleg_Tsurkan - since checking back, the item level permissions have been applying today, with no changes made.

What i haven’t been able to do however is to change the permissions on a folder in SharePoint - is that possible via this tool?


Sure, you are able to change permissions on a folder.

Please review this post.

Thanks @Oleg_Tsurkan, i’m specifically looking at the below scenario:

i have a flow that generates a folder based on fields from a sharepoint list. what i want to do, is take that folder specifically and apply permissions to it. Looking at your example, this doesn’t seem to target the newly created folder to get its ID? I’ve managed to get the list item permissions working, but have so far been unable to update a folder.

Hello @ggodwin87,

You can treat folders as items in Change SP Permissions action. You should just specify a folder’s ID and a library name where this folder.
I image you can get the ID of the folder somewhere in your flow or for changing permissions you are using another flow? In this case, you can get its ID manually.

Hi @Oleg_Tsurkan, apologies I have been working with Microsoft on this exact issue. I am still unable to dynamically capture the “ID” which means plumsail is unable to set granular permissions at a folder level dynamically. I imagine this is specifically what most customers who purchase this product want to do, so there must be a way.

Hi, @ggodwin87. Can you please specify the exact scenario you want to perform? If you want to take specific folders from the list, you may use conditions after getting all the items.

Best regards, Kirill Shaklein