Javascript Error when filtering


I followed the example here:, where you select a value from a dropdown, and the charts below filters.

I am using column chart, and everything works on Firefox and Chrome, but not IE 11. When I select a value from the dropdown, it only works on every second selection.


On page load -> chart renders
Select option A -> No chart
Select option C -> chart renders
Select option B -> no chart
Select option A -> chart renders

I get the following error in console when chart doesn't render:
Rendering failed: TypeError: Unable to get property 'removeChild' of undefined or null reference.
See screenshot for complete console log.

Please let me know how to fix this.


Please, try to replace handlers.finish function:

[code]handlers.finish = function (data, logger, processor, el) {
logger.debug('Data is processed: ', data);

if (processor && !processor.subscribed) {
    $('#helpdesk-agents').change(function () {
        el.empty().html('<img alt="loading..." src="/_layouts/15/images/gears_anv4.gif" />');

    processor.subscribed = true;

return true;


Thank you! that fixes it.