kendoChart issue


I have a problem to render the chart. On preview I get following error:

12:35:07 ERROR - Rendering failed: TypeError: Das Objekt unterstützt die Eigenschaft oder Methode “kendoChart” nicht

Did I miss something?

Thank you for the issue report. Please, try to re-activate Dashboard Designer at the site collection level. Are you using SP2013 or SP Online in Office 365?

Thank you for your quick answer.

I re-activated the feature several times - no success. Same with new installation.

I use SP2013 Enterprise.

Is the issue reproduced with a particular chart or with all charts? What happens if you create a new chart and try to preview it? Did you insert custom code into the Advanced tab?

Issue appears on all charts.

I simply configure the data source, click process, go to Dashboard Tab und click on preview.
-> Error appears in the console.

No custom code.

May we start a Team Viewer session? Please, send the connection settings to [email protected].

Sure. I’ve send you the settings

Did you find a resolution to this? I am running into the same error. I’ve refreshed with no luck.

The issue related to another version of jQuery injected into every page by a 3-rd party control.