Last release canceled all my forms

Hi I have updated to the latest release and all my forms have been deleted.
Now all my forms are lost, is there any way to recover them?

Hello Alessandro! By default, there is no such a way but I have discussed the issue with developers and they are researching options to make the old forms work. Could you share the URLs of the HelpDesk sites for which you wish to restore the forms? Send them through private message here or raise a ticket sending a message to [email protected] (refer to this topic in this case).

Update: of course, you can manually recover the customisations you had, but if there was custom code it is better to test it on a fresh HelpDesk site.

Hi Evgeniy,
site is as below

I have tried to restore to older versions but now I am getting an error message and the tickets are no longer working at all

You hasted a bit... I will ask developers to perform the required action to make it work. I will get back to you today.

Alessandro, I replied to you in the ticket you raised.