Limit reopening of tickets

Hi. We have rule setup to reopen within 7 days a ticket if a user replies but a lot of our users are replying, thank you for example once ticket has been resolved which then reopens it.

How can we prevent this, we would still like user to have ability to reopen a ticket if it is still an issue but not if that just reply saying thanks etc


Hello Mick! Unfortunately, HelpDesk does not have a feature that would solve the task properly. We can't check the meaning of the comment. Keywords also would not work properly, because a requester might say "Thank you, guys! In general, it solved my issue, but I still have some more questions...". I would advise you to leave the automatic reopening of tickets. Agents will receive notifications about new replies anyway, and the solved tickets with new replies will be available in the "Unread" view:


So it is much more efficient just to look into the ticket with another reply and decide whether it should be reopened in a couple of clicks.