Link to a Document

Is the content type Link to a Document planned to be added as well? Or is it there already and I missed it? Very handy in some cases to leave a link behind for a moved document.

Hello @bdc604, thank you for your message.

Well, in the output section after the run there is an address to the moved document:

Please let me know if you meant something else or if you have additional questions.

Hi Oleg. Looking at Flow action: Move SharePoint Document from Library, I don’t see the output above or a way to create Link to a Document.

Hello @bdc604,

Sorry for confusing you.
The output section appears after the flow's run.
So you would need to go to your flow and click the latest run in Run History section:

Then you should just click on the move action and it will open up the results of the run, including the address to the moved document.


Hi Oleg. Was thinking of this content type.

Hello @bdc604,

I'm sorry that I misunderstood your case.
Well, it seems that you can't create an item in a library with custom content type using Microsoft Flow.
You can learn about this problem more by visiting this page.
We think Microsoft will work on it sometime later and fix it. So, we are not going to create any special action for it.

There is a workaround though, you could use the output URL from our action and create an item containg the link to the moved document:

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